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Plant Reproduction 2020 - General information


The Czech Republic and its capital Prague are located in the temperate zone. The climate represents a mixture of oceanic and continental climate. The summers are usually warm whereas winters are quite cold and snowy. The average temperature in June is 16°C (60.8°F). However, the weather in the Czech Republic is subject to changes. The rains can occur throughout the year, but a higher portion of the yearly precipitation usually occurs during summer and less during the winter. In the time of the conference (late June), there can be days with highest temperatures above 30°C as well as colder days with maxima around 15°C. However, usually, the daily maxima reach a comfortable temperature of 22-25°C. The weather can be sunny but as well some rains can come. Usually, thunderstorms that occur during the summer randomly, are accompanied by heavy rains.


The Czech Republic is an EU member country but the local currency is Czech crown (koruna česká), CZK. The actual exchange rate can be found here. Euros are not generally accepted, however, some hotels accept euros, usually at the custom exchange rate. Both US dollars and euros are convertible to CZK, and also cash machines enable CZK withdrawal. Both credit and debit cards (VISA/Mastecard) are generally accepted in hotels, shops and restaurants.


The standard voltage is 230 V and the standard frequency is 50 Hz. The power plugs and sockets are of the type E.

Public transport

Public transport in Prague is frequent, reliable and affordable (https://pid.cz/en/). The extensive network consists of metro, trams, buses, and regional trains. There are 3 metro lines (A, B, and C) operating from approx. 5:00 AM to the midnight. In general, the daily buses and trams operate in the same time range but not all the lines operate the whole day.

There is also a night public transport service that relies on trams and buses only. The night lines are different from the daily ones (tram lines 91-99, bus lines 901-915, the map is here) and operate from midnight to 5 AM. Night tram, line 97 goes to Pyramida hotel - Malovanka stop.

The ticket (costing 32 CZK; which equals approx. to 1.25 €) can be purchased in the ticket machine at the station. The ticket is valid in Prague in metro, buses, trams and regional trains and you can change as many times you want within its time limit of 90 minutes. After getting on the first bus or tram or when entering the metro area, you have to validate your ticket.